HICPA# 006622

We Service and Replace Refrigerators

We Clean and Service the following:

    Ice Machines
    Reach in Coolers
    Reach in Freezers
    Walk in Coolers/Freezers
    Prep Coolers
    Pizza Tables
    Sandwich Tables
    Floral Coolers
    Beverage Dispensers
    Glycol Systems
    Drink Coolers
    Beer Coolers
    Keg Coolers
    Expo Coolers
    Flat Top Coolers
    Line Coolers
    Ice Cream Freezers
    Cold Rooms
    Dairy Cooler
    Display Freezer
    Display Cooler
Refrigeration Experts in Pike, Monroe and Wayne County Area

Refrigeration repair is a complex job, that is why our technicians are trained professionals to get things fixed right and on time. HVAC & Refrigeration Experts offer comprehensive commercial refrigeration repair services throughout the greater Tri-state area.

We specialize in the maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment in restaurants, retirement homes, schools, convince stores, hospitals, fast food, florist and much more.
We Clean and Service the following:


Ask about our maintenance plan that can help you save money through temperature control, increase equipment efficiency and assist in maintaining a longer shelf life for your products. Whether you are just opening up shop, renovating or redesigning your space, we can provide expert sales, service and installation for all your refrigeration and freezer needs.

Save money with HVAC Technology!